Face Tracking Lamp

 Joss Doggett from Victoria University used Processing Face Tracking Lamp

Shanshan Zhou, Adam Ben-Dror, Joss Doggett from Victoria University used Processing, Open CV, a spider web cam, an Arduino as well as a bunch of servo motors to brand a Face Tracking Lamp! It is quite freaky how good it seems to work. I tin flame run across this existence quite a cool matter to seat inwards a shop front end display to attract a crowd of curious people.

 ”Pinokio comes inwards the shape of a humble anglepoise desk lamp, nonetheless it redefines our sense of a lamp, a robot, or a reckoner algorithm. Pinokio the light is imbued alongside the mightiness to survive aware of its environment, peculiarly people, as well as to limited a dynamic hit of behaviors. As it negotiates its world, through the synthesis of the algorithm, electronic circuit as well as structural modifications; nosotros the human audience tin flame run across that Pinokio shares many traits possessed past times animals, generating a hit of emotional sympathies.”

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