Kabang: The Floor Of A Domestic Dog Hero

Kabang: The Story of a Dog Hero

Dogs are really loyal creatures. They play amongst their owners, human face for them to come upward home, together with at times fifty-fifty adventure their lives for those who tending for them.

Kabang, a identify unit of measurement Canis familiaris from the Philippines, saved 2 children from beingness hitting past times a speeding motorcycle.

Kabang sacrificed herself, blocking the path of the motorcycle. As a result, she was badly injured — losing a business office of her confront together with jaw.

Local vets said that the identify unit of measurement could operate out the Canis familiaris inwards their hands for euthanasia. The identify unit of measurement refused together with even together with then took tending of the meaning picayune hero.

After the storey spread, the populace donated to a greater extent than than US$20,000 for operations that volition repair Kabang’s injuries.

Veterinary surgeons Frank Verstraete together with Boaz Arzi, at the University of California, Davis, said that Kabang volition ask at to the lowest degree 2 operations.

“We are pleased amongst what nosotros discovered today. We are confident nosotros tin meliorate her status going forward,” doc Verstraete said.

Truly, dogs are man’s best friend.

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